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Latest offers

Here are our latest grocery offers to save you money on your food shop! Find out about our best food and drinks offers, deals, and bargains you can pick up at your local Filco store right now.

One Week Deal

Nescafe Original and Decaf


Nescafe Original / Nescafe Original Decaf. One Week Deal. Offer available for one week only - 24th to 30th November.


RRP: £2.99

Baileys Irish Cream


Baileys Irish Cream One Week Deal. Offer available for one week only - 24th to 30th November


RRP: £16.95

Festive Favourites



Ritz Seasonal Caddy


RRP: £1.50

J20 4-pack


J20 Apple and Raspberry/ J20 Orange and Passionfruit / J20 Apple and Mango / J20 Glitter Berry

4 x 275ml

RRP: £4.79

Co-op Irresistible Potatoes and Tomatoes


Co-op Irresistible Sungold Kiwi 2-pack / Co-op Irresistible British Lily Potatoes / Co-op Irresistible Baby Plum Tomatoes

2pk / 1.25kg / 225g

RRP: £2.00 / £1.75 / £1.85

Co-op Fresh Three

Co-op Pak Choi / Co-op Mango / Co-op Onions

200g / 1s / 3s

RRP: £1.30 / £0.98

Twiglets and Jacobs Mini Cheddars

Twiglets Original Caddy / Jacobs Mini Cheddars Caddy / Jacobs Treeselets Caddy / Jacobs Cracker Crisps Sour Cream and Chives

200g / 260g / 280g / 230g

RRP: £2.50

San Miguel

San Miguel 12-pack / Coors 12-pack / Stella Artois 12-pack / Thatchers Haze 10-pack / Thatchers Gold 10-pack / Fosters 10-pack / Guinness Draught 8-pack

12 x 330ml / 12 x 284ml / 10 x 440ml / 8 x 440ml

RRP: £11.25 / £10.75 / £10.25 / £11.00 / £10.50 / £10.00

Mud House and Calvet

Mud House Sauvignon Blanc / Calvet Merlot


RRP: £9.00 / £8.00


Malibu / Malibu Watermelon / Smirnoff Red / Gordons / Captain Morgan Spiced


RRP: £17.20 / £14.79

Mionetto Prosecco

Diablo Dark Red / Casilero Del Diablo Reserva Cabernet Sauvignon / Apothic Red / Mionetto Prosecco Doc Brut / Mionetto Prosecco Rose / 19 Crimes The Banished / 19 Crimes The Uprising / 19 Crimes The Deported


RRP: £10.00 / £10.25 / £9.10

Great Gifts

McVities Victoria and Co-op Highland Shortbread

McVities Victoria / Co-op Highland Shortbread Tin

600g / 450g

RRP: £5.00 / £4.00

McVities Family Circle


McVities Family Circle


RRP: £3.00

Ferrero Rocher and Thorntons

Ferrero Rocher / Thorntons Classic

200g / 262g

RRP: £6.50 / £7.00

Maltesers and Nestle Quality Street Intrigue Salted Caramel Truffles

Maltesers Truffles Medium Gift Box / Malteser White Truffles Medium Gift Box / Galaxy Truffles Medium Gift Box / Nestle Aero Bliss Mixed / Nestle Aero Bliss Peppermint / Nestle Quality Street Intrigue Praline / Nestle Quality Street Intrigue Salted Caramel / Terrys Chocolate Orange Truffles

200g / 190g / 177g / 176g

RRP: £4.99 / £4.50 / £3.50

Selection Boxes

Cadbury Stocking Selection Box / Malteser and Friends Large Selection Box / Galaxy Collection Large Selection Box

179g / 207g / 244g

RRP: £3.00

Giant Tubes

Nestle Smarties Giant Tube / Nestle Smarties Orange Giant Tube / Nestle Smarties Pink Giant Tube / Rowntree Fruit Pastilles Giant Tube / Rowntree Jelly Tots Tube / Nestle Milkybar Buttons Tube / Nestle Little Rolo Tube / Munchies Tube / Nestle After Eight Giant Tube / Cadbury Buttons Tube / Malteser Tube

120g / 115g / 130g / 90g / 100g / 80g / 72g / 75g

RRP: £1.00

£5 Freezer Deal

£5 Freezer Deal

Birds Eye Crispy Batter Fish Fingers / Birds Eye Fish XL Batter / Birds Eye Garden Peas / McCain Naked Oven Chips / Cadbury Double Decker. Offer available from 24th November to 14th December.

8pk / 2pk / 375g / 750g / 480ml

RRP: £2.25 / £4.39 / £1.29 / £1.70 / £3.25

Seasonal Selection

Red Bull

Red Bull

Red Bull Sugar Free 4-pack / Red Bull Zero 4-pack

4 x 250ml

RRP: £4.90


Blossom Hill White Zinfandel / Hardy’s VR Shiraz / I Heart Pinot Grigio


RRP: £8.20 / £6.70 / £7.10

Cadbury Reindeer and Mini Yule Log Cakes


Cadbury Reindeer Cakes 4-pack / Cadbury Mini Yule Logs 5-pack

4pk / 5pk

RRP: £2.00

Mr Kipling Christmas Cakes

Mr Kipling

Mr Kipling Xmas Slices 6-pack / Mr Kipling Frosty Fancies 8-pack / Kipling Mince Pies 6-pack / Mr Kipling Festive Bakewell’s 6-pack

6pk / 8pk

RRP: £1.50

A Christmas Cracker

Whitley Neill and Sipsmith Gin

Whitley Neill Rhubarb Gin / Whitley Neill Raspberry Gin / Whitley Neill Blood Orange Gin / Whitley Neill Gin / Sipsmith London Dry Gin / Sipsmith Lemon Drizzle Gin / Sipsmith Zesty Orange Gin


RRP: £27.35 / £30.85 / £30.00

Freixenet Prosecco


Freixenet Prosecco Doc / Freixenet Italian Sparkling Rose


RRP: £22.00

I Heart and Baileys Gift Sets

I Heart Prosecco and Truffle Gift Set / Baileys and Lindt Gift Set

20cl / 5cl

RRP: £5.00

Jack Daniels Gift Set

Jack Daniels

Jack Daniels and Tumbler Gift Set


RRP: £6.00

Jack Daniels

Jack Daniels

Jack Daniels / Jack Daniels Honey / Jack Daniels Apple


RRP: £21.99

Co-op Fairtrade Irresistible Malbec


Co-op Fairtrade Irresistible Malbec


RRP: £8.00

Co-op Fairtrade Irresistible Sauvignon Blanc


Co-op Fairtrade Irresistible Sauvignon Blanc


RRP: £6.00

Co-op Mulled


Co-op Mulled


RRP: £4.00

Terms & Conditions

All reduced price savings are against Nisa’s recommended retail prices.

All offers are subject to product availability. Due to the impact of Covid-19 on special offers we aim to continue making Great Deals available to you, throughout this period of severe disruption to the UK Food supply chain. The situation, however, makes it impossible to guarantee that all offers will be available as advertised. We apologise and will continue to do our best to bring great deals to you.

All prices are correct at the time of publishing.

N.B. Some products, or variants, may not be available in certain stores. We reserve the right to limit purchases.